Tanggal 17-18 Oktober 2018 | Dreamtel Hotel / Hotel Ibis - Jakarta

Lokasi Pelaksanaan :

  1. Hotel Ibis / Dreamtel Jakarta Rp 4.250.000,-
  2. Bandung Rp 5.000.000,-
  3. Yogyakarta / Surabaya Rp 5.500.000,-
  4. Malang Rp .6.000.000,-
  5. Bali Rp 6.500.000,-


Jadwal Pelaksanaan  :

  1. Tanggal 21-22 November 2018
  2. Tanggal 12-13 Desember 2018

*Jadwal Training masih tentatative running apabila telah mencapai Quota



Upon completion of the programme, participants will be able to:

  1. understand the different methods of payment in international trade
  2. identify the risk areas in relation to the various methods of payments and services provided by the trade finance operations
  3. identify, manage and mitigate operational and credit risks associated in handling trade finance products
  4. implement methods to assess, manage and monitor these risks develop and
  5. implement effective audit programmes for audit of trade finance operations



  1. Overview of Trade Finance
  2. Understanding the Rules and Legal Regulations in Trade Different
  3. Types of Letters of Credit – Including Payment, Acceptance, Deferred Payment, Negotiation and the Risk Implication for Trade Finance
  4. Operations Risks in Advising, Opening and Processing Letters of Credit
  5. Risks in Processing Shipping Guarantees Risks in Processing Letters of Guarantee and Standby Letters of Credit
  6. Grey Areas with regard to Recourse, Reserve and Indemnity in Documentary Credits
  7. Clinker Clauses
  8. Purchase, Discount and Negotiation
  9. Risk in Transferable Letters of Credit, Back-to-Back Letters of Credit, Red Clause and Revolving Letters of Credit
  10. Recommended Action in Handling Fraud : Documentary frauds,  Marine frauds The Effect of Legal Decisions on Credit and Operational Risks
  11. Bills of exchange
  12. Promissory notes
  13. Export credits
  14. Factoring and forfeiting
  15. Invoice discounting
  16. Developing and Implementing Effective Audit Programmes



Trainer Team SH Consultant

Investasi :

Rp 5.000.000,- (Lima Juta  Rupiah)

Investasi sudah termasuk :

  1. Sertifikat keikutsertaan.
  2. Coffe Break 2X dan Lunch.
  3. Seminar Kits.
  4. Seminar Bag.
  5. Modul
  • Discount 10% apabila pendaftaran group minimal 5 orang dari perusahaan yang sama (untuk  satu pelatihan dan waktu yang sama).
  • Pelaksanaan training akan diselenggarakan apabila telah mencapai quota peserta 4-5 orang.
  • Konfirmasi pelaksanaan training akan dilakukan 3 (tiga hari sebelum tanggal pelaksanaan).