Tanggal 10 - 11 Januari 2019 | Dreamtel Hotel / Hotel Ibis - Jakarta



Materi :

Why you would need this program?

If your are an internal auditor, controller, or risk manager and need to know better about utilization of risk information for auditing or monitoring, this workshop is designed to meet your needs.

What topics are covered?

This is a two-day (12 hours) workshop and it covers:

  1. Why risk based auditing (RBA) ;
  2. RBA process, methods, and techniques;
  3. Risk based auditing and risk & control self-assessment;
  4. RBA results, recommendation and reporting.


Course Programme

What is RBIA and what does it mean in practice?

  • overview of principles and guidance
  • three stages of RBIA
  • driving forces for change.

Providing assurance on risk management

  • sources of assurance to the board
  • what does good risk management look and feel like?
  • the risk maturity continuum and its impact on the internal audit approach.

Planning and prioritising – the principles

  • prioritising audits
  • resources and skills
  • consulting and reporting.

Risk based internal audit assignments

  • assignment planning
  • developing the internal audit scope
  • linking objectives, risks and controls – a Titanic task!

Delivering assurance

  • the role of management
  • testing and evidence – how far do you go?
  • the concept of risk appetite and agreed action
  • behaviours and competency.


Pembicara / Fasilitator :
Trainer Team SH Consultant

Lokasi Pelaksanaan dan Investasi :

Lokasi Pelaksanaan :

  1. Jakarta / Bandung Rp.  5.000.000
  2. Yogya / Surabaya / Semarang Rp. 6.000.000
  3. Malang Rp. 6.500.000
  4. Bali 7.000.000

Investasi sudah termasuk :

  1. Sertifikat keikutsertaan
  2. Coffe Break 2X dan Lunch
  3. Souvenirs dan Seminar Kits
  4. Seminar Bag
  5. Modul
  • Discount 10% apabila pendaftaran group minimal 5 orang dari perusahaan yang sama.
  • Pelaksanaan training akan diselenggarakan apabila telah mencapai quota peserta 4 – 5 orang.
  • Konfirmasi pelaksanaan training akan dilakukan 3 (tiga hari sebelum tanggal  pelaksanaan).